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Nordic Power Transmission and Control AB promises to provide overall and good quality products for clients. Some of our products include: Distributed Energy System, Mud Cooling System, Centrifugal Pump, High-pressure Reciprocating Pump and Hydraulic Block.

Distributed Energy System

From the beginning of 2016, NPTC and its partner provide efficient and low-cost solutions for distributed energy industry in Europe through its products and services. Providing customized solutions for distributed energy including gas engines and biomass gasifiers, which can fire natural gas, biogas, biomass, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, and so on. More Info


We design and manufacture gas engines, not convert.

Our biomass gasifier can keep you away from tar with low cost.

Mud Cooling System

As drilling progresses, the proper drilling fluid temperature helps to maintain maximum drilling stability, reduce drilling costs and drilling equipment maintenance cost caused by drilling fluid temperature.

Now we have just launched a range of energy-efficient mud cooling system. They are used to lower the temperature of the drilling fluid return to the ground, bring a range of benefits for drilling operation. More Info

Centrifugal Pump

NPTC offers a broad range of centrifugal pumps with high performance features.

These pumps design have proved to be among the best for handling abrasive cements and drilling fluids. They are available in wear-resistant materials compatible with the diverse applications of the oil and gas industry.

These pumps are designed for a wide range of flow rates, from 50 cubic meters per hour to 300 cubic meters per hour.

Every pump is subjected to strict inspection before shipment and interchangeable with most centrifugal pumps in service today.

NPTC provides both bare pumps and customized packaging. More Info

High-pressure Reciprocating Pump

Certified by the ISO9001, we have powerful technical force, a perfect quality assurance system and excellent after-sales service.

We design and produce in strict accordance with API674.

NPTC pumps are used for: water injection pump, high pressure crude oil transportation pump, liquefied CO2 injection pump, high pressure steam boiler feed water pump, CO2 supercritical extraction pump, high pressure mud pump, ammonia water pump, high pressure cleaning units, pressure test pump, detergent slurry pumps, sea water pump, high pressure dephosphorizing pump, chemical feeding pump and polymer injection pump.More Info

Hydraulic Block

NPTC offers full service to design and machining of hydraulic block. Our Engineers will design a circuit and block from your rough schematics, flow and pressure requirements or completed machine drawings.More Info